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Field equipment for fuel quality control

Our equipment for handling aviation fuels and quality control ensures strict compliance with safety and conformity standards.


Fuel quality control equipment

A complete set of specialized tools for fuel meeting specifications : sampling devices, test tubes, buckets and drums, thermometers, hydrometers, water detectors and dirt level pads, Gammon MiniMonitor Kit, Aqua-Glo.


Control equipment for mandatory checks

Equipment to ensure the mandatory controls in the handling of aviation fuels from the refinery to the tank.


High quality technical solutions

All our products and solutions fulfill with the requirements linked to the evolutions and innovations of the aviation industry.


Fuel filtration

Filter vessels, filter elements and electronic technology.

setting the board

Ground Fuelling

Overwing nozzles, underwing nozzles, hydrant couplers, hydrant valves...


Field equipment

Fuel quality control equipment and fuel logistics control equipment...


Storage and refuelling systems

Portable refuelling unit, skid mounted and permanent installations...