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Fuel filtration

We market a wide range of innovative fuel filtration products throughout the supply chain, from the refinery to the aircraft tank.


Filter vessels

Stationary or mobile, these are high quality "filtration systems" for the management of contaminants in jet fuels. Filter Water Separators to filter solids and remove water, clay filters for surfactants, dyes and additives, basket strainers for coarse pre-filtration, microfilters and Dirt Defense filters for continuous filtration of solids (particles, sediments, dusts...). FAUDI products are designed according to the standards and rstandards applicable in commercial, military and general aviation.


filter elements

The filter elements meet aviation standards. Coalescers and separators are used in Filter Water Separators as first and second stage of free water removal. Upstream, microfilters protect the life of the coalescer elements by effectively removing the finest solid particles


Digital technology

A range of electronic sensors for continuous monitoring of fuel quality and ensuring the performance of filtration processes. Afguard electronic water sensors for on-line water content measurement and Slugguard for low point checks. Dpguard system and touch screen controller for measuring differential pressure during refuelling and fuel contamination levels. DP switches and DP Transmitter to manage fuel differential pressure and flow during refuelling.


High quality technical solutions

All our products and solutions fulfill with the requirements linked to the evolutions and innovations of the aviation industry.


Fuel filtration

Filter vessels, filter elements and electronic technology.

setting the board

Ground Fuelling

Overwing nozzles, underwing nozzles, hydrant couplers, hydrant valves...


Field equipment

Fuel quality control equipment and fuel logistics control equipment...


Storage and refuelling systems

Portable refuelling unit, skid mounted and permanent installations...