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Ground Fuelling Equipment

We cover all airport requirements for the delivery of fuel to aircraft with our innovative and high-performance CLA-VAL equipment.

refuelling gun

Overwing nozzles

Refuelling Nozzles for general aviation and helicopters.


Underwing nozzles

Commercial aviation and military aviation standards compliant equipment for refuelling under pressure.

hydrant couplers

Hydrant couplers

Pressure control equipment and systems for fuel distribution with specific connection. Designed according to the EI-1584 standard and ensuring durability and ease of maintenance.

hydrant valves

Hydrant valves

Dual pilot manual/pneumatic equipment. Designed according to EI-1584 standard enabling reduced operating costs.

control valves

Flow and pressure control valves

A wide range of fuel flow control valves.


Equipment for hydrant systems: hydrant pit boxes, hydrant pit lids, valve chambers

A complete range of complementary equipment: hydrant pit boxes, hydrant pit lids, high-low point arrangement, hydrant isolating valves, valve chambers.


High quality technical solutions

All our products and solutions fulfill with the requirements linked to the evolutions and innovations of the aviation industry.


Fuel filtration

Filter vessels, filter elements and electronic technology.

setting the board

Ground Fuelling

Overwing nozzles, underwing nozzles, hydrant couplers, hydrant valves...


Field equipment

Fuel quality control equipment and fuel logistics control equipment...


Storage and refuelling systems

Portable refuelling unit, skid mounted and permanent installations...